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Is the Exhibition/Preseason over yet?

Posted on: August 11, 2008 2:16 pm


Is it me or are there some of you out there that actually like watching the ehibition season.  That's right NFL I said Exhibition. 

All it really is, is a way for teams to look at back ups for the future.  I have a novel concept ( ok not really but it is a great idea) .  Lets give each team a minor league team.  The team can play close to the NFL team and the minor league team can be used to bring pro football to some cities that want it but most likely will never gbet it.  for example the 49ers could have a team in San Jose, the Raiders in Sacramento, San Diego in Fresno, Arizona in Vegas, etc.  And we could cut the preaseason to 2 games.  The Minor league would be best if it played atthe same time that way a team could bring up players to fill holes if they needed someone, however if it played in Summerthe Big team staff could get involved. 

Well it is just an idea, I know it has been floated before, but what do you all think?

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