Posted on: July 19, 2008 2:49 am

Enough Billy.....this time tomorrow is not enough

I have been an Oakalnd A's fan since back when Catfish Hunter was throwing strikes for Charley Finely.  I was with them through the lean years of Finely destroyingthe team, and finally through the resurgence of the Haas family.  Through all this I have continued to go to games, but this time I am really ticked.  I have supported Billy Beane through his cheap owners as the one thing the A's never seemed to do through all these rebuilding sessions was throu in the towel in the middle of a penant race.  They might allow players to leave via free agency.. and pretend to make a run at keeping them, all the while they and we knew they were really not trying to keep the players and for the most part it has worked.  But never has Beanne destroyed a team inthe middle of a penant race.  That is something the White Sox or other pretenders do, not us.  We are always the pluckly little team that could.  Through all the trades Beanne never made trades that made the team worse in the middle of a pennant race. But now he has.  First we trade Rich Harden, ok I can see that the bet is Rich will implode.  Billy can couch it any way he wants, but that trade was a statement that said I don't think you will last the season.  But why trade Joe Blanton?  Anyone who has watched Blanton this year know his record does not belie his true effort.  Most of the time he has been in a very tight game, and then he gives up a few runs and ends up losing.  Blanton has also been eating innings, but now he is a Philly.  Congrats Phillies for now you may have gotten the piece you need. Of course i am sure right now Billy's phone is ringing and the Mets are on the line.  The conversation is going like this....Hey Billy I need a pitcher.  Billy"  what you offering?"   Met's GM " Well how about these four minor leaguers for Deucherer?"  Billy"  Hmmm how about these 4?"... Mets GM ok... and boom there you have it the Mets have themselves another All Star pitcher to replace Pedro while he is out, and Oakland will get 4 more prospects for a future Stadium that most likely will never get built.  In fact I would go so far as to say even if it is built, The condos are sold and the stadium is sold out by the Southbay crowd Lou Wolfe is trying to woo, the budget won't increase.  Or if it does it won't be enough to keep all the players they are grooming for the future....  The Best thing about tomoorw is its always a Day a way....Right Billy?  Well for this fan, tomorrow is not enough.
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